ZOO Adventure selects a number of charities

ZOO Adventure Cares, why?

  • Firstly ZOO Adventure loves the outdoors
  • And loves what the outdoors has to offer
  • To enjoy together with our family, pets and friends 

Who can inspire ZOO Adventure?

  • Nature, the world
  • Stand up for animal rights
  • The focus on combating animal diseasess
  • Deployment of working animals

Where are the boundaries of ZOO Adventure?

  • Because ZOO Adventure is an international brand it offers the opportunity to address international projects.

What can ZOO Adventure do?

  • Highlight problems thematically
  • Donate to a project
  • Help to promote organizations

How can you be involved?

  • By buying ZOO Adventure boots, a small amount will be donated to a nominated charity.
  • You can share ZOO Adventure.
  • The more boots sold, more funds can be assigned to ZOO Adventure Cares.

When does ZOO Adventure contribute?

  • ZOO Adventure Cares collects information
  • There will be a selection of permanent charities
  • And also a selection of projects
  • ZOO Adventure will assign different contributions to different areas
  • All activities are dependent on the budget of ZOO Adventure Cares depending on sales. All activites take time, which must be given to the right projects.

The ZOO Adventure webshops each have their own local charities and also have corresponding international charities. Information can be found in local ZOO Adventure webshops.

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