Since 1977

The ZOO Adventure, how a journey turned into an adventure 

  • The scent of Italy

    ZOO Classics started out on the drawing table in the muddled streets with the scent of Italy filling the air. The influences of the good life, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, always natures’ best and purest created the optimal drive to arrive at a great product. In the 70s, Italy was a country with a passion for shoes and bags to which they expertly gave a high-quality look, feel and class. Parading women adorned in elegant high heels with matching bags on their shoulders and flauntingly wrapped in soft fur; an authentic street image that was pleasing on the eye. On the unpaved stones, it was up to the ZOO brand to provide innovative street wear sealed with an Italian touch. A vision filled with passion, as only the Italians give to the full, made the best foundation. Standing fully for what you believe in, ZOO went for comfort, casual and colour.

  • European childhood sentiment

    The corresponding casual image sparked on Italian ground moved to the lowlands of the Netherlands in the 80s. The ZOO image was well received by the sober inhabitants of the country. Rich canvas sneakers with colourful prints experienced a glorious period and a permanent childhood sentiment succeeded for many in Europe.

  • Adult Suzy moccasin

    Successful years followed in Europe: there were many and, mainly, luxurious purchases. The ZOO brand followed in those footsteps in the 90s and since 1995 has made casual leather shoes as well as their canvas varieties. ZOO stole many a female heart in 1999 with the lovely Suzy. A hand-made, leather moccasin in which you could run the NY marathon. Wonderfully soft and flexible to wear and made in all conceivable colours, materials and prints. This Suzy ensured an amazing extension to many a wardrobe. Suzy was loved by all walks of life, due to its comfortable fit, colourful appeal and pure simplicity. And both by youngsters and adults. ZOO had evolved from canvas childhood sentiment into a high-quality casual women’s shoe.

  • Comfort, casual & colour

    After a journey from conception to versatile development, the ZOO foundations remain unscathed. Comfort, casual and colour. Meanwhile, production faithfully took place in Guimarâes between the Portuguese orchards. The moccasins were made in a well-respected factory where leading brands (like LV) took a look behind the scenes to experience the factory’s pioneering technology. A factory on a mountain with an extremely warm owner, who also stamped his Southern European influence on the brand, was highly beneficial for ZOO comfort.  

  • What does ZOO want to achieve?

    ZOO made a joyful journey of discovery. The year 2008 dawned and consumers were gradually spending less, including on clothes and shoes. What was particularly striking was the intense desire for old fashioned cocooning and daring to consider the planet we live on, living consciously and profiting from the rapidly accelerating technology. ZOO maintained its position in the comfort zone, with consideration for recreational time and activities. The environment played a role, caring about it and living in it. The combination of these sorts of factors, like climate change, cocooning and choosing sustainable products, also opened a new chapter for ZOO. A return to the basis. The foundation was based fully on following your beliefs: comfort, casual and colour. And, after so many years in the Low Countries, with the sober Dutch vision. What did ZOO want to stand for as a mature brand?

How ZOO Adventure arose

  • Changes

    It was time for a dose of Dutch passion, and ZOO went on an adventure! Purely from the need for functionality, and with a touch of decadence, ZOO Adventure was born. ZOO was confronted with changes in retailer’s purchasing behaviour with the changes of the seasons. Until then it was unthinkable in shoe land that fashionable boots would be sold in the summer alongside the summer collection. But it happened, the winter and summer collections no longer stood-alone and were accompanied by many interim collections. 

  • A newcomer in the team

    Climate, climate and climate again, a subject that cannot be ignored. The climate has changed. Trapped by the pressure to produce a good collection, the disappearing seasons and, of course, personal desire ensured that the ZOO collection branched out. A dog was coming, not the desired Pyrenean mountain dog or Leonberger, but a pocket size one…Bram! It didn’t seem that appealing to walk in the dirt a few times a day with every-day shoes, a professional eye was thrown over dog-walking boots but no purchases could be justified. That inspired the designers. So a new adventure awaited ZOO, together with Bram. 

  • Freshman

    Entering a different world based on endless haste and 24/7 dynamics can be very satisfying. The outdoors is doing well and is green. We, as owners of ZOO, were also considerably green as we say in Holland, meaning freshman. By getting in touch with all kinds of daily issues it soon became apparent there were souls yearning for functional footwear and convenience. And people were prepared to pay for them, for sustainable products. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and alongside the ZOO collection, a special project was developed, shaped by the adventure Bram took us on.

  • A new passion

    Bram arrived in the winter months and put us firmly in the freezing cold in the open air of the dog school where he was eagerly waiting his turn so we get to action and feel our feet again, our human feet. Despite the wind-proof packaging, it would be nice to keep our feet at a comfortable temperature. This was the baptism of fire of our new existence. From dog school, walking the dog 4 x a day, rambling in the woods, to wiping off the remains sticking to the daily footwear, we were confronting practical inconvenience. 

  • Made with love

    If there were only boots that are not only functional, easy to pull on and off, walk comfortably and, preferably, don’t look too bad with any outfit. That demanded a timeless product, and the incorporation of a bit of fun. Comfort, casual and colour, the foundations of ZOO. The opportunity to arrive at a beautiful product was so close that a bold step was readily taken. The years of experience was obviously very handy, all the know-how and all love were put into this project. Naturally, additional consideration was given to the functional aspect and only the best and most experienced manufacturers were selected to achieve this. The result was a product created as intended, boots to take a carefree and enjoyable walk with Bram.

  • Thank you for your enthusiasm

    It is great to see our experiences are shared by many outdoor lovers and that is a success in itself. We revel in the fact the enthusiasm is shared worldwide. The waterproof leather ZOO Adventure boots are worn from Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Germany, Luxemburg, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium!